Phase I & II Progress Report

  • Date
  • VPR Name(s)
  • Contact Phone
  • Email
  • Puppy/Dog Name
  • Age of Puppy
  • Weight of Puppy
  • Food Type and Amount
  • Medical: List any medical issues the puppy experienced this week or any medication the puppy is on. The reason, dosage and frequency.

  • Behavior: Please check all behaviors the puppy exhibited this past week.
  • Jumps on furniture/people
    Barks Inappropriate chewing Prey drive
    Begs Inappropriate toileting Protective of food/territory/toys
    Bites dogs/people Reactive around equipment
    Bolts through doors/stairs Lags Reactive to storms
    Chews retrieved items Lunges/bolts Sight startles
    Digs Marks Sniffs
    Distracted Motion sickness Solicits attention from dogs/people
    Eats stool Mounts dogs/people Sound startles
    Excitable greetings Mouths dogs/people Steals items
    Forges/walks ahead Plays keep away with dogs/people
    Growls Plays rough with dogs/people Other
  • Explain any of the above circled behaviors. Where did it occued, what happened, what action the handler took as a result.
  • Outings: List anywhere you took the puppy, how long the outing lasted and what the puppy’s behavior was.

  • Training: Evaluate the puppy’s performance on each skill, as performed on the left and the right side of the handler. Rate as: I = Introducing; P = Practicing; A = Accomplishing; or NI = Not Introduced
  • I P A NI   I P A NI   I P A NI
    Come In Okay
    Down Kennel Out
    Free Leave It Sit
    Hurry Up Let's Go Stay
    Hush Off Wait
  • Explain the skills marked ‘Introducing’ and ‘Practicing’. What cues are necessary, what additional equipment is being used, what actions the handler takes to achieve the skill.
  • Behavior: Mark all behaviors the puppy exhibited this past week.
  • Confidence in a variety of situations Calmly walks up/down stairs
    Calm acceptance of cradling Quiet kenneling with people nearby
    Calm acceptance of grooming-ears, nail trimming, brushing Quiet kenneling without people nearby
    Gentle interaction with adults and children
  • Additional Comments:

  • VPR Signature:
  • Staff Initals/Date Read:
  • Date:
  • Staff Initials/Date Issues Addressed: