Meet the Canine Staff

Rigg (Lister)

Rigg spends his days working with Tracy at Support Dogs' front desk.  He is larger than your average black Labrador, which is how he got the name "Big Rigg."  His easy going personality and big heart makes him the perfect TOUCH and Paws For Reading dog.  Rigg enjoys playing fetch with his tennis ball or Frisbee and, according to the Lister family, is the ultimate cuddler!


Mitzi (Weinerth)

Stays with Ann Weinerth and after changing her career, is currently a presentation dog for the organization. Mitzi is debating whether to one day be a TOUCH dog as well.

K9 mitzi.JPG

Morgan (Dahlkamp)

Morgan prides herself by keeping the Assistance Dogs in training on their toes (eventhough she has no idea she is not a Labrador retriever) and the office dogs lively. Morgan has a talent for order and makes sure everyone knows she is "taking care of it."  Morgan also spends time with SDI assistance dog trainer Nadine Wenig because she sometimes need a break from Bill and deserves a vacation every now and then too.


Corona, Mystique, Kahlua, and Indi (Bratcher)

They have taken over Gayln Bratcher’s office and hitch a ride with her to work every day. Corona, Mystique, and Kahlua are all TOUCH and Paws for Reading Dogs. Corona prides herself as a presentation dog as well. Indi just has a great time growing and looking cute for everyone that visits.


Hagrid, Kia and Belleau (Blanke)

Hagrid and Kia are a couple in a long line of Goldens from the Blanke household. Hagrid was the largest boy in a litter of pups that one could distinguish one puppy from another on the very day the second Harry Potter movie hit the theaters, thus his name. Kia was part of the Hearing Dog program, but didn’t end up completing the training. Both now are TOUCH dogs, Paws for Reading dogs, and Kia also does presentations for the Hearing Dog Program. Belleau is the newest member, affectionately dubbed "the devil dog" as a puppy, she has gone on to follow in the pawprints of the elder goldens in the house doing TOUCH visits.

K9 hagrid and kia.JPG  03-17-10_1000.jpg


Shoney (Wenig)

Also known as the 'SDI Ambassador', Shoney wears many hats at Support Dogs.  He is our main presentation dog for groups touring the facility, SDI's top breeding sire, AKC pointed, and most importantly - the class clown. Shoney is owned by Aja Stokes and Nadine Wenig.  Terri Keller is Shoney's handler in the show ring.


Meet the Canine Presentation Staff

For those in the community that request an education presentation from Support Dogs, Inc., you may have the opportunity to meet a canine from our professional Canine Presentation Staff. These dogs have been trained as assistance dogs, but becuase their health prevents them from being assistance dogs, they have changed careers and now work to educate the community on assistance dogs, Support Dogs, Inc., and in some cases, canine bite prevention (to younger audiences)